“My husband has dementia and he is in a memory care facility. His cost of care was draining our savings.  I was referred to David and he was able to help me keep my financial security.  My husband is receiving federal and state assistance which has saved me over $7,000 a month.  I highly recommend David for the specialized work he does to help keep seniors from becoming impoverished due to the high cost of care.” 

-Doreen Rawlins

“David’s book, The Coming Baby Boomer Crisis, covers long-term care planning concisely, and arms people with the knowledge they need to protect their assets and plan for their future. It’s the perfect handbook for those in need of planning for themselves or their loved ones.”


-Rachael H. Estate Planning Attorney

“My husband had to be put in a care home. I was concerned the cost of his care would leave me with no money.  My attorney referred me to David and he was able to help me keep my savings.  Now none of my husband’s nor my savings goes to pay for his care. I highly recommend David to help people that are in the same situation I was in.”

 -Pat Porter

“The Coming Baby Boomer Crisis is unique when learning about long-term care.  Most books I have looked at regarding long-term care only address insurance.  Although David covers what people need to know before they purchase long-term care insurance he also covers what retirees need to do to protect their savings even if they do not have long-term care insurance and are currently in or have a family member in a care facility.  I highly recommend David’s book for those who want to protect their life savings.”

-Chuck Reponen

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