The Correct Plan.

If you currently own a long-term care policy you may be wondering: “Do I have the correct one for my specific needs? Did I buy it because I need it or was it sold to me? Do I even need it at all?"


Also, you may be asking yourself, “Do I need to be making these insurance payments? Are they necessary? Maybe my payments can be reduced or not paid at all?”


Always Integrate Based on Your Needs.

Here is how critical it is to have the right policy customized for your needs: If you have the wrong one you may make payments for years and find out it wasn’t adequate and end up on state assistance…all those paid premiums wasted.

As a long-term care instructor with 18 years of experience, David is uniquely qualified to give you a second opinion to determine if your plan is the right one for you. You can trust that his findings will be objective.


For a reasonable fee, you may keep from wasting thousands of dollars.

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