Crisis Planning


How can we pay for this?


As it relates to long-term care, we may have a loved one who needs professional help and we need to place him/her in a facility, respite care, adult foster care, etc. and we haven’t planned for it. We are just finding out how expensive it is and fear sets in.


We may ask ourselves:” How can the family pay for this?” “At this cost (if it is a spouse) will I run out of money?” “Will I have enough money to pay for care and be able to pay my bills too?” An adult child may wonder, “Will mom have enough money to pay for her care?” “If she doesn’t who is on the hook to pay for it.”

You don't have to go broke


To further define crisis planning, it is when a family member or friend is currently needing care finding themselves going through their life savings paying for it.  The right professional can stop that from happening even if the person in care does not have long-term care insurance. I believe a key factor is that most people don’t have long-term care insurance, finding themselves in a crisis, and are in fear of losing their life savings.


The largest percentage of his time is dedicated to helping people that find themselves in this situation. Over the years he has helped many families protect their savings and maintain their independence even when faced with a financial “crisis”. What he wants everyone to know is: PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE TO GO BROKE PAYING FOR CARE. It is a shame when people go through their life savings and then go on Medicaid because they have no choice. The secret is to know how to get state and federal benefits while keeping much of your savings.


If you find yourself in a long-term care crisis David can shepherd you through the steps to help you keep your money and stay independent. You will not have to stress over the “what if’ questions that can elevate fear and add stress in an already stressful time. Don’t wait until your family has gone through thousands of dollars before seeking professional help. The sooner you start the more you can save. 


As with all initial consultations, David will sit down with you and tell you if he can help or not. If he can he will quote you a fee. You will have greater peace of mind knowing your options and the potential financial outcome. David has had 100% success achieving the results he told his clients he could get them. If after meeting he determines he can help you, rest assured he can achieve what he has achieved for others.  His track record backs it up.

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